Ship Simulator


Navigation simulator with all kinds of vessels


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Ship Simulator will make all your dreams of becoming a vessel captain true, even if only virtually.

The program is a 3D navigation simulator where you will be able to control up to nine different vessels, including the Titanic. The controls vary depending on the type of vessel: a yacht, a patrol, a cargo ship filled with containers, and so on.

The graphical quality of Ship Simulator is very high and so are the physics of the different vehicles that make up this game.

You will have to carry out a series of missions along three fantastic scenarios, that will move you through the Rotterdam bays, Hamburgo and the Phi Phi Islands. In total, the number of navigational square miles goes up to 700. The number of missions, up to 40.

If you deem them insufficient numbers of scenarios, Ship Simulator has a map editor that you can use to recreate your city's port and share it through the Internet with other program users.

Limited version to the first mission. If you abandon the limits of this one, the game will come to an end.

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